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The best way to say goodbye to the monotonous appearance of your home is by re-creating various aspects. It’s hard to resist the attraction of a complete home makeover. New furniture, new paint, new flooring and so much more. However not all prefer a complete makeover in a home’s interior design. Since it requires lot of money, time and professional skills. So, what do we do if we want to upgrade homes without giving up weeks of time and burning hole in pockets.

You can make small changes to make a major impact in interior design. It can be small things like changing light switch covers to changing the appearance of certain furniture pieces.  

Want to bring changes in your home’s interior design at Cuttack? Follow the tips below given by professional interior decorators:

Create a focal point

You can simply put focus on a a particular corner or an object in the room. Say for instance, if television is the focal point then you can have a cabinet that has elaborate artwork. Consequently this trick can be used for other rooms too.

Add new accessories

You can buy new furniture or add new accessories if you want to give a traditional touch to your home. You can refurbish old stuff, like instead of changing sofa completely , get the upholstery altered. Add coordinated covers. Meanwhile if the edges have become rough paint a coat or two. Nonetheless , you can go for a polish to brighten the worn-out furniture or decorative.

Cuttak Art and Carfts

The state Odisha has a treasure of exquisite traditional handicraft forms. It would not be difficult to sources these from the city of Cuttack. Therefore, adorn your home with stone work, wood craft, silver filigree, appliqué work, metal work, pata paintings, terracotta, tie & dye .  

Infuse your home with appliqué works of Pipili, Papier Mache masks of Puri, Pattachitras,  silver filigree jewellery and ‘Kataki’ golden grass mats , clay toys and Dhokra of Mayurbhanj, embellish work of Nawangapur, brass fish of Ganjam, Horn work of Parlakhemundi.

Change flooring

If you want to get rid of old flooring, the smartest way to do so is by getting an area rug to cover the floor. Likewise a colour-coordinated rug mosaic can do the trick also. 


In order to add colour and freshness to the room use plants .Thus, you need to have an eye for the precise things coupled with little imagination. You can arrange few planters in a corner or add a cluster near corridor. Moreover if you think live plants are posing problems, go for artificial ones. 

Change light fixtures

You can alter the lighting system and fixtures. It is an economical and easy way to give a room a new look. 

Design the walls

Plain walls are safe. However, if you want to experiment, colour one wall or a part of it by using texture or even a wallpaper. Adorn the walls with some wall hangings or beautiful paintings. To sum up, the look of your home can be changed without spending much money and wasting time. You can hire an expert interior designer and narrate what exactly you want. Therefore, you need to be sure what you want exactly. By adding and subtracting few elements, the goal can be achieved. It matters how you use the given resources.