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Decorating your new home is one of the most awaited things. Initially it can be little daunting, eventually it will be a fun and learning experience. Moreover, it involves skilful planning, susing right items for home decor and so on. Home decor is a time taking yet interesting aspect of interior design. You can fuse elements of Shantiniketan to make interior design stand out. 

Also, Use hand crafted materials in your home interior design to add a rustic touch. Opt for eco-friendly home decor in your little home at Bolpur. Below few suggestions from expert interior decorators:

Add ethnic touch to your Upholstery

You can opt for upholstery keeping in mind colour schemes, textures made of khadi or that have block print. Go for typical local patterns, prints or kantha stitch on fabrics. Bedsheets, curtains, rugs, mats are available in local designs. 

Kantha Embroidery in Seating Room

Bengal is known for its Kantha embroidery where old fabrics or sarees are stacked and stitched to create a heavy quilt. As a result the outside and inside of the kantha or quilt has different prints or colours on it. Hence, your home interiors will get the ethnic touch you desired.

Shantiniketan, destination for avid shoppers

Shantiniketan is a shopper’s paradise. As it has craftsmen, who are known for their unique handicrafts. Get pottery, terracotta, leather bags, jewellery, stoneware, stationery and other knick-knacks at affordable prices. In addition, these are produced in and around town by local artisans.

The folk markets and rural cooperatives like weekly Bondangaar Haat and Amar Kutir will help to achieve your designing goals. Thus, if you are here, then you are on one of the most creative places on earth. The creativity around you will surely take you aback. 

Use folk Paintings

You can use sculpture, pottery or terracotta show pieces. Besides, give vintage touch with typical pots, wooden dolls, that one gets here in Shantiniketan. So, the use of traditional paintings would make the interior design look inspired by folk art and culture.

Traditional Accessories for the Conventional look

Things like earthen pots, vases, paintings, leather hand bags, sculpture and best ways to add rustic elements to your home. Here every piece is one-of-a-kind and unmatched quality. Kalamkari apparel, bags, Baul musical instruments and artwork on slate and wood are some of the elements that can be employed. Besides , you would also get to see artists creating earthen glazed creations, from kitchen crockery to home decor items.

Some More Tips

Play with colourful typical dolls available. They are available at cultural haats. How you assemble them with various other elements depends on your creativity. Furthermore, you can place them in show cases or in a side to the statues and pair them with plants or wall hangings or lamps etc. Likewise, you can also create a wall where a series of traditional Shantiniketan paintings can be placed. 

Therefore you know what to do in order to get that conventional touch in your home decor. Most importantly, your home would certainly reflect the culture of rural West Bengal.