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Are you looking for interior design in haldia?

Our homes reflect our personality. Thus, it is our duty to keep it clean and eco-friendly. With usage of certain interior design techniques, you can reduce air pollution in your home at Haldia. Let us have a look at some of them:


Check whether asbestos has been used in any part of your home. With time, it decays as asbestos is a mineral that can be inhaled easily. 

We should make careful interior design choices that will help us deal with indoor air pollution. Without compromising on style and individual taste all this can be done.

Proper ventilation 

Your interior designer should consider proper ventilation requirements. Electric appliances like heaters, refrigerators need more space around them. This enhances airflow. Else indoor air pollution will rise. Hence, safe interior design involves installation of more vents.

Bacteria builds up easily and reduces air quality if there are less vents. A change in window design can make a difference to the home. Besides, it will promote fresh air circulation.

Choose eco-friendly paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest and essential ways to breathe life into your home. Nevertheless, choose paints wisely. Many interior decorators opine that no VOC paints will reduce the extent of pollution. Good interior design should ideally lower carbon footprint. Since this will allow clean air to survive.

Indoor garden

Our homes do pose a threat for air quality. We can do several things to decrease health risks with sound interior design. Indoor gardens is slowly gaining importance in several cities because it keeps the environment free of pollution. However it requires good maintenance. There are ways to provide essential nutrients that keep indoor plants alive.

Most importantly, other than the above tips follow tricks below to enhance air quality:

  • Plants are a source of fresh air and brighten up the space too. Plants like Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Money plants will help.
  • Do not allow smoking inside homes. Second hand smoke and smoking contribute the most to indoor air pollution.
  • Water leakages are often ignored. Mould, fungus and mildew often grow in such damp conditions. So conditions like wheezing, asthma and sinus worsens.
  • Maintain your appliances. So at regular intervals,take assistance from dedicated professionals. The corners are bound to have some dust despite regular floor cleaning. Hence , a deep cleaning will reduce the risk of dust particles.
  • Open windows. Air at home can be more harmful if there are pollutants. Therefore, keep windows opened daily for 10 minutes daily. Ventilation ducts would also help. Ventilation and sunlight can keep you and your family healthy.
  • Reduce the use of pesticides at home. So use bio-friendly products. Therefore, limit the use of toxic products inside home. Undoubtedly this will make the space less polluted.

The best way to enhance indoor air quality is to get rid of elements that pollutes the atmosphere. It is a misconception that opting for a healthy interior design is to give up on style. However, it is the opposite.