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When you own a house, it is irrelevant whether it is big or small. However, if you own a house in Orissa and want to make certain spaces appear larger then go ahead with our expert tips. With tweaks in home interior design one can create that effect. The key is creating illusion of space and opting for space saving interiors. Thus modern interior designers recommends using the available space skilfully. Few tricks are given below which can make limited space look convenient:   

Get rid of clutter

A cluttered room can never be appealing. It is necessary to de-clutter if you want to make your small space look roomier. As a result there will be less to clean and worry about. 

Proper use of furniture

Place furniture closer to walls because this will make the space look more open. A furniture placed away from wall makes a space look smaller.

Try using furniture that have narrow and long legs. Without a doubt, simple furniture pieces and clean lines will give the perfect effect. That is why experts recommend to use soft furnishings, curtains, fittings and carpets.

Use light colours

Dark colours absorb all light and makes the room look less airy. That is why go for lighter colours as it will make the room feel more lighter and airy. According to expert Interior designers, monochromatic colours are soothing to the eyes. As a result contrasting colours are visually disruptive in case of limited space. So for that reason choose various shades, tones and tints of a single colour.

Colour scheme

Choose same shade colours as it gives the surface a delicate look. Consequently, replace dark colours with light blues and greens to brighten up your living room interior design.


Use light fabrics or blinds for the widows. Avoid heavy curtains. Keep your windows clean as the whole room would look more wide. Dirty window is a distraction and prevent light. Ensure the glass is clean both sides.

Introduce Mirrors  

Mirrors are in trend, they are functional as well as emphasises home’s aesthetics. 

A room looks larger if a mirror is placed opposite a window then it reflects the light. So for that reason, a large mirror is the best option. If you are on a budget, try grouping small mirrors on a wall and paint frames with single hue to create uniformity.

Inbuilt storage

Opt for multi-storage pieces if you are living in a small space. Undoubtedly, inbuilt storages are ideal because drawers can be used for keeping your clothes while open shelves serve as a book shelf. Nonetheless, opt for dual-use furniture, like an ottoman that can be used as a storage space, table and seating. 

Light weight fabrics

Make sure the fabric colours you choose is in sync with the colour scheme. Go for light-weighted fabrics and lighter colours as well. This is because thick curtains absorb light thereby  weigh down the room, making it look smaller. Choose light linen curtains.

Do not stuff the shelves

We love to stuff the shelves with books or or showpieces etc. Avoid filling up the living room shelves as it makes them look cramped. Leave some empty spaces that will give your home the depth. If you are a book lover, choose floor-to-ceiling bookcases.