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Ranchi is one of the newly emerged urban cities in India, more so since it is the capital of Jharkhand. Therefore living space will gradually shrink in future. City residents should ideally go for space saving interiors to accommodate their desires and needs in a small home. Most importantly, this is where the role of an interior designer comes to play in maximizing space.  

Besides growing population and booming economy, declining of property size is an eventual process like every other Indian city. The population of Ranchi would get dense in future. Make the most of a restricted floor plan with smart modern interiors. Just because you have small home, that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your style. Creativity in design and practical knowledge works in designing a small space. Let us see how you can make the best use of limited rooms in a not-so-spacious house. Therefore an interior designer must conduct a detailed study on what is necessary to the consumer’s home life and space should be used accordingly.

Tips for your interior

Allow more light: A limited area opens up with the right lighting. Allow natural light shine along with in through the window. Additional lighting can be used throughout your space to bring in some warmth. String lights, pendant lighting and wall sconces are some examples if such lighting.  

Strategic placement of furniture: Be strategic as far as placing of furniture is concerned. A room can be given depth by using couches, bookcases against wall instead of using them in the middle of the floor.

Multipurpose furniture: Multipurpose furniture can save money and area too. With rising need and popularity there is no dearth if items that serves multi-purpose uses or can be folded up. Dining tables, desks, beds come in folded forms that can be put away to be able to move around easily for the residents. There are furniture items that can be easily converted like beds into couches and side tables into desks.

Use Mirrors: Mirrors give an illusion of more light and breathing space in the room. A large mirror or a several small mirrors can be used. A gallery of mirrors can be created.

Declutter: Cut  down the amount of things that is of no use in your life. Get rid of such stuffs itself makes the space look more big.  This will prevent over crowding.

Creative storage options: Several décor pieces serve as great storage options out there.  You can go for furniture that provides extra storage alternatives too.  For example ottoman, it can store bed sheets, pillow covers and more giving it a form of cabinetry. You can devise ways to store your items without just throwing everything into a cupboard.

Apt use of colours or prints

Bold colors, texture, prints look good on small spaces. Ensure that your interior decorator blend some neutrals so that nothing overpowers the room. If you are not convinced about going too bold, use in small ways textures, colours and prints like on an accent wall or picture frames. A  colorful wallpaper or a sleek couch can also make the room look peppy.  A room must have the right amount of balance in all aspects.

Trick the eye with large rugs : Trick the eye into seeing more than what is there actually. Using large rugs give a sense of greatness and the feeling of a bigger room.

While decorating a small space do remember the needs are fulfilled and it doesn’t look cluttered. Ultimately take advantage of the space you have and display it in the best possible way.  No design rule is set; nevertheless the above tips should be of great help. 

At the end of the day, the shape of a room, furniture used within, speaks how well space has been utilized. 

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