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A seasonal makeover is required for every home. Give your home the makeover it requires in winters with warm colours. Certain colours include orange, magenta, red are warm winter colours. Consider your home as the canvas and get it painted the way you like with a well known interior designer who can do up your Siliguri home. Keep your home warm by integrating winter decor as temperatures outside fall.

It is time to jazz up your home with warm fabrics and aromatic natural scents. Get your house ready for this gloomy weather with our winter modern interior ideas to cosy up:

Reconstruct Living room

One of the biggest area in your home is the Living room. There is a lot of scope to spruce it up. Wall should ideally be done in light pastel shades . They brighten up the entire decor as well as reflect more light. You can opt for cheery red cushions that has orange shades. Adorn corners with coral candles. Use butter shade curtains with bright print on them. This indicate the morning light. Dry flowers of shades like silver, brown, and golden can be used too. 

Therefore bring in extra warmth by using cushions and pillows of warm fabrics. This will make the entire family comfortable including your guests. Fabric preferences should be velvet, suede, silk and satin.

Dining Room makeover

Use orange and yellow table bat shades. Adorn the dining table with cane fruit basket filled with seasonal fruits. Choose minimal design and bright bordered crockery. Cover the chairs with slip covers as they will warm up your dining room. After a gathering or family dinner these slip covers can be easily taken off .  

Kitchen renovation

Here it is the food that will do the trick. Colourful fruits, vegetables, sauces, spices, dry fruits will surely warm up your winter hues. Most importantly, try keeping the sunny side for the kitchen. Thus maintain cosiness in kitchen with oak cabinets.  

Decorate bedroom

Choose shades of magenta, lilacs, pink, lavender and mauves for your bedroom. Use yellow or cream shades to colour the walls. Match the sober sheets with bright pillow covers. Curtains can be of contrast colour.  

Change in bathroom

Try replacing all the old stuff. Place jars consisting of colourful bath balls, handmade seasonal soap, scrubs etc. Hang towels with bright hues of violet or green. 

Terrace Overhaul

Use seasonal flower plants in pots and see the flowers blooming. Your interior decorator will guide to choose the right plant for your attractive balcony space.

Winter Aroma

Use warm aromas like vanilla, cinnamon that complements the winter interior décor in your home. Use fragrant rolls or sticks or light up some scented candles. Besides you can also display winter patterned knitted or cross stitch pieces.  Opt for cosy winter decor. This is so because the goal is to create an environment that reflects winter beauty. Create a warm, comfortable ambience to counter gloomy cold weather. Rugs and carpet bring warmth to the room. Use deep winter colour rugs like pine green. Warm up the floors for the winter months. A fluffy area rug serves the purpose and adds warmth. Make it visually appealing by layering one rug on another. Energize your home interiors with the fashionable shades this winter season.