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Interior design that is inspired from a particular region gives a distinct identity to a home that also speaks of its culture, art and lifestyle. West Bengal was the capital of British ruled India. Therefore it paved way for the state to develop its own architecture and culture. Let us have a look at typical features of the interior design of traditional homes in Bengal.

Most importantly, Bengalis are known for maintaining their traditions and love for culture. Hence, a Bengali homes reflect tradition, simplicity and authenticity cohesively. You can do a fusion of modern interior and customary decor elements inspired by this East Indian state. 

A typical Bengali home consists of:

  • Red cement flooring bordered with black or no border
  • Dark wood furniture like a low divan
  • Single seater
  • Matching coffee table adorned with brass flower vase consisting of rajanigandha flowers
  • Bookcase in the corner
  • Arm chair by the window
  • Batik print spread on the divan
  • Handloom curtains, terracotta lampshades, pattachitra paintings adorning wall

Consequently, if you are inspired then follow few tips below to infuse a splash of Bengal dazzle into your home:

Use of wood

Wood is an essential element as far as room decor is concerned. Therefore most of the furniture items are made of wood. It includes wooden beds with four side stands, wooden tables, storage cabinets, wooden nightstands and stockpiling cupboards. Teak and rosewood woodwork are what you will mostly get to see. However, you can work with wood that is domestic to your locale.

Show Pieces And Antique Elements

Traditional Antique pieces are part of the interior decoration in this state. One can find such items on wall, shelves and showcase. Artefacts also include crafts like Pattachitra paintings. These paintings mostly reflects religious, mythological, folk stories.

Wall Paining makes Live

They love to decorate walls with traditional Kalighat paintings. They are colourful and convey folk tales, myths and legends. Thus these paintings help to give a traditional touch. Both canonical and modern paintings are visible in most Bengali homes. Diffuse any interior with an exemplary ambiance of folk paintings like portrayal of Ravana’s battle with Hanuman.

Use your space more visually

You can make a space look more visually appealing and add a royal elegant touch with antique pieces. Another decor element you might find is the use of rural terracotta pottery. Nevertheless, if you want to give your home the much desired Bengali touch, do it with terracotta pots, show pieces, vases and wall hangings. 

Long Drawn Sofa Style

Typical conventional home will have Long drawn sofa. This is combined with a fancy cushions and wooden centre table. Orthodox homes are bound to have easy arm chairs in the living room or in the balcony! These are used at tea time and comfortable too. Wicker chairs are usually available in willow wicker, rattan and cane.

Dark brown or black polish Wardrobes

Artistic black or dark brown wardrobes accompanied by wooden craftsmanship makes it pleasing. Normally black and dark brown polish on wood closets are seen. They are big in size, tall and can fit entire family’s clothes.


West Bengal’s contribution and love for literature is not unknown. Bengalis are known to be avid book lovers. Hence it is a common sight to see people leisurely reading books on their easy arm chair. Books will always have a dedicated space. To add to the theme, a traditional wooden bookshelf does it all.

Use of cotton or Linen Fabrics

Give your home the convention touch of the state by opting for cotton, block printed, kantha stitch, handloom bedsheets, bedcovers and curtains. Thus make the space colourful with Kantha-stitched cushions, duvets and more. 

Dhokra Art

In Bengal and Orissa, Dhokra art sculptures are made by casting non-ferrous metal. One will find beautiful metal motifs, figurines, elephants, horses and religious idols in orthodox homes. Nevertheless, with expert tips given above it is assured that now you know how to decorate your home in Bangali style! It is your house; you can decide what can go in, how and where.

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