Residential Design

Residential Design

Residential design is a procedure that results eventually in a new home. It also includes several phases of the home design process.

Process of Residential design

The process of residential design includes a declaration which specifies construction, design and pricing details. Therefore, home owners who want their homes professionally designed will benefit from exploring concepts of residential design.

A residential project begins when the owner outline the needs. The first phase of residential design is meeting and knowing the desires and needs of the home owner. Thus it results in a home design plan. This plan comprises of illustrations and informative details. This includes types of building materials, appliances, fixtures, hardware, windows and doors are required. One of the major arenas for designer is the interiors of spaces where people live. This might include apartments, condos, houses, apartments and anywhere else where people live.

The designer thus makes the house a home. The professionals coordinate the interiors of homes. Residential interior design is a healthy mix of balancing aesthetics and function. Therefore the interior decorator should aim at creating a livable space.

How should a Residential Design ideally be?

The design must be usable and comfortable. You relax, spend quality time, cook and do regular chores at your home. It is a place where you entertain friends or guests. Residential needs must focus on relaxed atmosphere. The design must ensure that lighting, colours, appliances, furniture, temperature and layout fulfil the needs.

By focussing on the basic comfort elements we thus create residential interior designs that reflect user’s surroundings and lifestyle. In order to make our interior design solutions distinctive and personal, we use suitable colour patterns, great textures and treasured furniture.


It is important to choose the right architect to assist you designing your dream home. Naturally Anmol Decore employs qualified architects for the job. Since decades we have the distinct privilege of designing several homes in the city of Kolkata and outskirts.